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Pathfinder Framework

A Strategic Roadmap for AI Adoption in Enterprise

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Become a Data Driven Company

AI adoption for your business can be like navigating a minefield of hype and technical jargon. 
The Pathfinder Framework overcomes this with a three stage process developed by industry experts with over 75 years of experience.

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Business Strategy Workshop

Our Strategy Workshop prepares you as a leader to execute your AI strategy by understanding:

  • The true value of AI in Business.

  • How to overcome the barriers for adoption.

  • What’s needed to execute successful AI strategies.

Business Opportunity Evaluation

  1. A deep dive into the processes and pain points internal to your business highlights where the greatest value can be added.

  2. We explore what AI solutions can provide value to these areas.

  3. An evaluation matrix assesses each area based on the associated Costs, Risks and Business Value.

Roadmap for Adoption

  • Effectively communicates the Costs, Risks and Business Value associated with each proposed project.

  • Short term plan identifies the “Low-Hanging-Fruit” projects and details the resources needed to achieve those early wins in your AI strategy.

  • Long term plan establishes the path to becoming a truly data-driven enterprise.

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Get Dividends From Your Data

Full Funding Available in partnership with Enterprise Ireland.

Find out if your business your is eligible for a funded AI roadmap.
Applications close at the end of 2021.


Successful Partners

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Talent Garden


Athlone Institute of Technology


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Dr. Iain Keaney

Iain has helped 100’s of engineers up-skill in artificial intelligence across multi-nationals and startups. As a data scientist at the startup Livetiles, Iain’s initiatives helped drive a $10 million market cap increase. Iain received a PhD from MU for his work in applying AI to optimise wave energy converts.


David Moloney

David co-founded Movidius, an AI chip accelerator company acquired by Intel. David is a director of Machine Vision at Intel Corp. where his team explores next generation AI applications. David also runs Intel’s Edge AI incubator for start-ups and mature companies. In 2010 he received a PhD from Trinity College for his research into high performance computer architectures.


Brian Quinn

Brian is an expert in the commercialisation of deep technology. Having led Intel Labs in Europe for 10 years in developing research-to-product strategies, Brian has a practical view of the value of bleeding edge technology in business. Brian has acted as a policy advisor to the European Commission, and Irish National Government.

Client Testimonials


" helped ramp the Intel Movidius staff on the fundamentals of Deep Learning. The quality, at both a technical and delivery level, of the Practical Deep Learning For Engineers training provided by is of the highest order, and we have been delighted to avail of this training on a number of occasions!"

Jonathan Byrne
Head Of Technology Office, Intel

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