What is Skellig.ai

Skellig.ai is a group of AI and deep learning practitioners, postdocs & recovering business consultants. We operate under a conjoined vision that progress is best achieved by empowering domain experts with AI tools.  ​

Skellig.ai is bringing the latest deep learning techniques to where they can make an impact.

Corporate Programs
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November Webinar: 
Fast.ai - The Coder's New Machine Learning Toolbox
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Community Programs
  • We run community programs to help programmers who are committed to upskilling in ML.

  • Live coding sessions give participants guided hands-on experience.

  • The programs are funded/supported by sponsors to help enthusiastic engineers expand their skill sets into machine learning.

  • Programs are typically limited to 10-20 participants.

  • If you would like to find out more about getting involved as a participant or a sponsor contact us here.

Corporate Programs

We upskill your engineers with the latest machine learning technologies and solve the problems unique to your business.

  • Bespoke live coding training sessions give your engineers hands on experience.

  • Through project based training we can build out solutions for you, then work directly with your engineers to upskill them with the skills needed to implement the solutions.

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Data Strategy Office Hours
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Technologies We Use
Who We've Worked With

Conor Heffernan,

Project Manager

Skellig.ai has really helped improve our analytics at Edge. Personally this has been the best investment since college

Shane O'Moore,

Solutions Developer

The live coding sessions were a great help for learning how to build machine learning models, real hands on experience.

Albert Bennett

Software Developer

I found Skellig.ai to be a great way to build up a functioning understanding of machine learning.